A Real Slimming And Chocolate

weight loss and chocolate

The vast majority of women want to look good. Shape and its settings are not an exception. To some, there is no need to use diet, for others it is a huge problem. Let’s try to understand, is it possible to lose weight with chocolate.

Often, despite the excess weight, it is impossible to renounce a tantalizing chocolates. Italian nutritionists were able to turn the dream into reality.

How to properly lose weight with taste

This method a few basic principles:

  • all taken food, replace the black, bitter chocolate;
  • lest dehydration, you need to drink during the day no less than two liters of fluid;
  • In addition to drink a glass of skim milk mixed with cocoa;
  • vegetable salads add dressings, low-fat;

Recommendations on chocolate

It is recommended that you use dark chocolate, contains fifty or seventy per cent cocoa content of natural sugar, not a substitute. This product will help stimulate the immune system, the normalization of hemoglobin, will warn occurrence of cardiovascular pathologies. Replace the bars, chocolates and other sweets are prohibited.

Types of diets

The first way a strict diet. One day eat hundred grams of chocolate, divided into three parts. Additionally, drinking a cup of coffee without sugar, to speed up metabolism. This and cause rapid weight loss.

The second type of gentle. Can eating a salad and one time replace chocolate.

Pros and cons

This weight reduction, indisputably, has positive dynamics. Fairly quick results. There is a possibility of loss of up to a kilogram a day. Before an important event simply irreplaceable exit. Help sugar cravings that do not see meaning of life without sweet, albeit in small quantities.

This product is composed of substances, which is required by the body. This tiaminy minerals, antioxidants. Plus a good mood, without which any diet will be a heavy load.

But, despite the advantages, there are also drawbacks. For people with diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, high blood pressure, it is not suitable. Besides losing weight, risk of losing balance metabolism. This can lead to various diseases. To reduce the risk, it is better to use unloading days, rather than the full cycle.

How to correctly finish the diet?

After a rigorous week of abstinence is important correct transition to the normal diet. You want to save the result, without harm to the body. The categorical prohibition of overeating. Food to take small parts in about five, six receptions. Nutritionists recommend to drink fresh juices, there are vegetable and fruit dishes. They support the body after a lack of vitamins.

The result, after a weeklong course will decrease fat layers, forms melt before our eyes. The main thing is not to get involved and not to abuse, with a particular attention to treat your body and the body in General. Result will be not only a good shape but and good mood.