Is it possible to eat everything you want, and not get fat?

Don`t limit yourself to food and stay in good shape – dream of all girls. To do this, you must have fast metabolism (metabolism). Some girls got it from nature, while others have to make some efforts to overclock it. Moreover, with age, metabolism of all becomes slower – this is a natural body reaction.

In terms of biology, metabolism is process of transforming food calories into energy for normal body functioning. He is responsible for tissues renewal, useful substances delivery, waste products elimination from body.

Metabolism starts with physical activity, and ends during sleep. Accelerated metabolism is needed to burn calories and excess fat accumulations. Let us consider in more detail basic rules of “acceleration” of metabolism.

Eat more

Many mistakenly believe that they can get good figure with help of starvation. Any exhausting diets adversely affect body state, harm gastrointestinal tract.

Nutritionists recommend sticking to fractional diet – eat food in small portions 5-6 times per day. In this mode, body will always feel full, which reduces likelihood of eating more than you need.

Eat enough protein and fiber

To accelerate metabolism, it is recommended to take about 150 grams of protein daily. At same time, it should be obtained from products of both animal and plant origin. Most of animal protein found in fish, meat and poultry, and vegetable protein in vegetables, legumes, and cereals.

In addition to protein, it is important to include fiber in your usual diet. Numerous experiments have shown that eating foods with fiber normalizes blood sugar levels. Cellulose is found in cereal bread, black currant, avocado, dried fruits, legumes, oranges, apples.

Don`t forget about fat

Lack of healthy fats disrupts metabolism and significantly reduces immune system. Omega-3 belongs to group of fatty acids, which are important nutrients. Body itself doesn`t produce them, only way to get out of products. Omega-3 is found in fatty fish (for example, mackerel, salmon, and halibut), shrimp, and oysters.

Regular strength training

Thanks to active lifestyle, it is possible to spend lots of energy, and, as a result, to speed up metabolism, and, consequently, to eat more at your pleasure. It is worth paying attention to power loads aimed at development of muscles. Power loads include exercises in gym.

You can do, both at gym, and without it with its own weight. In both cases, many muscle groups are involved. One of universal and effective exercises is plank; during its execution more than 15 muscles are included in work.

Cardio load

Along with power loads, cardio loads should also be resorted to. Cardio workout is brisk walking, jogging, cycling, swimming. With help of aerobic exercise, it is possible not only to normalize work of respiratory system, improve sleep, become stronger, but also avoid fatty deposits appearance.

Alternate cardio and power loads can be by day. Some combine two types of load for one workout, for example, do cardio, and then go to classes on simulator. This option isn`t very suitable for beginners, because all forces go to aerobic training and it is no longer possible to perform high-quality endurance exercises.

More water – less alcohol

One of the main products to speed up metabolism is water. It is required not only for normal digestion, but also for perspiration – important component of metabolic processes and elimination of toxins and toxins. With lack of water, metabolism slows down dramatically.

Alcohol products have negative impact on metabolism, so it is worth using it as little as possible. Composition of alcohol is ethyl alcohol, which reduces level of testosterone and minimizes likelihood of its production by body.

Alcohol significantly increases appetite, stimulating uncontrolled absorption of junk food, which adversely affects figure. Also, alcoholic beverages violate functioning of gastrointestinal tract, complicates liver work.

Healthy sleep

Good sleep is guarantee of not only health, but also slim body. Body lives according to biological clock, which allows to stabilize metabolic rate and immune system. These factors affect weight loss. For proper body functioning, it is recommended to fall asleep daily and wake up at the same time.