How Not To Gain Excess Weight During Holidays?

On vacation, we try to enjoy life to fullest. Sometimes, we lose measure not only in entertainment, but also in consumption of various goodies. And if you choose hotel with food “all inclusive”, then stay almost impossible. How to get maximum pleasure from summer trip and not gain extra pounds on vacation?

Rest actively

Don`t lie all the time like a seal on beach. Move, swim, dive, walk along the shore, play volleyball. If there is no desire for this, alternate beach holidays with excursions around area.

Pamper yourself

Indulge yourself with taste, but choose products that don`t add you centimeters in waist. Be sure to eat local fruits, taste local seafood, salads, grilled vegetables, fish. Think, that except food will give you joy. On vacation, enjoy freedom, discoveries, art, sports, sex, and don`t think all the time, what would eat such. Adhering to these rules, you can`t get better on vacation.

Leave the night to sleep

Dance is great, but still don’t do it in middle of night. It`s possible to go once to night disco, but it’s not worth it to disappear there every night. As you know, healthy sleep helps to keep our metabolism normal, and even lose weight. In addition, night disco is clearly not without alcohol and snacks. It`s better to walk before bedtime along embankment.

Gastronomic tours and all-inclusive ban

In order not to get better on vacation, avoid buffets. Buffet is a serious test, because you want to definitely try everything on it, and at one time. Resist temptation – almost unreal. But it`s better for figure and much cheaper to rest in private sector, where you can cook yourself, or in hotels operating on Bed & Breakfast system. Don`t forget that drinks are also very high in calories.

From mojito, lemonade, kvass, you can easily recover, even by refusing to eat. Drink more pure water that runs your metabolism perfectly. If at home you only need two liters, then under scorching sun you will need at least four.

Look more often in mirror.

In order not to get better on vacation, don`t forget about yourself. Very often, going to sea, we want to relax and soul and body. Many girls immediately weave African braids, which wouldn`t think about hair during entire vacation. In addition, many of us are resting on makeup.

This is all correct and comfortable, but you shouldn`t forget about body. Continue and on vacation to do morning exercises, use moisturizers and pull-up creams. It would be great to go on massage while on vacation.

Refusing tasty pleasures on vacation is stupid idea, as well as embarking on this period during. Look for happy medium and take vacation actively.