9 non-obvious tips that will speed up metabolism and help you lose weight

Good metabolism is dream of everyone who seeks to find beautiful figure. Fortunately, there are ways to speed it up, and are in hurry to share them right now.

Get used to cool

Perhaps one of most “lazy” ways to start fight for beautiful figure is to lower temperature in room with help of air conditioner or air vents to about 20 ° C. One study confirmed that cool air stimulates production of “good” brown fat, which helps to warm up and burns “bad” fat reserves.

Don`t exhaust yourself exercises

Forget about many hours of exhausting workouts: scientists found out that people who were engaged in short intense workouts (5 sets of 30 seconds) burned 200 more calories! Fast and efficient – isn’t it a dream? So you just need couple of minutes to stimulate metabolism, and result isn`t long in coming.

Eat sea kale

Maybe this isn`t your favorite food, but definitely extremely useful. Thanks to fucoxanthin, which is contained in seaweed, improves lipid metabolism and reduces risk of obesity. Good reason to diversify your diet, is not it?

Turn down light before bedtime and screen brightness

Too bright light and bright screens of modern smartphones violate production of melatonin – sleep hormone. As result, insomnia may occur, metabolism slows down and hunger hormone leptin is produced – this is why many people suffering from insomnia experience hunger. Dim light in evening, turn down screen brightness to minimum – and you will fall asleep in deep, sweet sleep.

Include extra virgin olive oil in your diet

Healthy fats, such as olive oil, aren`t only useful in general, but also help body and reduce feeling of hunger. Choose only oil marked Extra Virgin – this is maximum amount of nutrients.

Add mustard to food Scientists from Oxford Polytechnic Institute found that when used, 1 tsp. mustard per day metabolic rate increases by 25% over next few hours after a meal. Fans of little sharp, exult!

Conduct aromatherapy

Essential oils will not act as magic wand, but will help speed up metabolism, reducing appetite, as well as improving mood and digestion. Oil can be added to body cream or inhaled with aroma lamp: mint, grapefruit, bergamot, cinnamon, lemon and ginger oils work well.

Try matcha tea

Japanese matcha tea is just godsend for anyone who wants to improve metabolism and simply cares about health. Connoisseurs of this drink are confident that matcha brings to body as much benefit as 10 cups of green tea (which also speeds up metabolism), and also contains high concentration of antioxidants.

Smile more often

It’s funny, but laughter not only improves your mood, but also helps burn calories. Don`t deny yourself pleasure of how to have fun or even fool around and smile more often – body will say only thank you, and beautiful figure, you will see, wouldn`t keep you waiting.