7 Secrets of Flat Belly

As we get older, our metabolism slows down and it’s hard to keep fit no matter how often physical exercises are performed. And the main problem of overweight is not that you cannot get into the old swimwear – extra pounds may affect health seriously. Visceral fat (between inner organs) and flabby belly may cause inflammation processes and trigger such serious diseases as diabetes, cancer, cardiac insufficiency, and so on. But don’t despait. The following sever recommendations will help you to get rid of extra fat on abdomen.

  1. Performance of physical exercises before breakfast is far more effective than after it. Early morning workouts contribute to faster dissolving of plugs in arteries that cause heart diseases and performance decrement. It was proved in study that consisted of three stages. Tested people jogged before breakfast, after meal, or did not do that at all. The results of two first groups have shown that the first method (when people trained before eating) appeared to be 33% more efficient. That’s why workout is useful for everybody regardless of age and physical state.
  2. Consume lean fats contained in olive oil, nuts, and seeds. Although it sounds strange, but they help to get rid of extra pound on belly. Most diet specialists agree that such fat is useful for cooking, because it contains substances that lower cholesterol level I blood. Besides, this wonderful product may signal the brain that stomach is saturated, what decreases appetite.
  3. Jogging is more efficient than weight-lifting. Scientists from the University of Duke found out that aerobics bring far more benefit than weight lifting or combination of both. Studies with 18-70-years-old overweight people helped to define that aerobic load allows burning 67% more fat than time spent in gym with trainers and barbells.
  4. Do not eat transfats. Although they were excluded from most products, such substances still can be found in snacks and fast food: crisps, biscuits, etc. The word “hydrogenised” also means that transfats are contained in products. This chemical increases the chances of weight gain on 7.2%, which was proved by an experiment with monkeys in Wake Forest University.
  5. Keep calm. If a person in experiencing stress, his body produces mixture of adrenaline, cortisol and insulin that increases appetite and makes up for higher fat production, especially in waist zone. To relieve stress, close your eyes and inhale deeply and slowly during at least five minutes. That helps to calm down and decrease level of hormones.
  6. Get enough sleep, because chronic lack of sleep leads to deviance of regime and biological clock. This is also considerable stress for body, and makes it produce the same dangerous hormones. Besides, when we lack sleep, body tries to supply energy level another way – via nutrition. One study revealed that people who get enough sleep on constant basis manage to get rid of more weight in five years than those who lack rest all the time.
  7. Eat products rich in fiber. Researchers from Wake Forest found out that people eating a lot of soluble fiber from fruits and vegetables could get rid of extra pounds easier. Every 10 grams of fiber increases effectiveness of waist thinning on 3.7% in the long run (5 years, for instance). Such fiber is contained in apples, peas, beans and oat. For example, a couple of apples contain about 10 grams of fiber. Scientists from Pennsylvania revealed that whole fibers accelerate weight loss, while foods with processed fiber do not have such effect. Whole grains decrease the level of C-reactive proteins on 38% which helps to avoid problems with heart health.

As you can see, it is not hard to follow the above-mentioned pieces of advice, while the results of such lifestyle change will become visible in the short run.